Mindfulness coaching is done in 83-90 min. x 8 sessions, which can be followed by 8 Compassion sessions and/or life coaching + later on drop biweekly or monthly wellbeing + meditation sessions.
Each session consist of

– Mindfulness techniques to take away that meet your needs and demands of your life: meditation, techniques of being present, dealing with emotions

– Guided meditation
– Reflection – what came up in during the practice in the session and outside
– Plan for the week
– Knowledge from masters on how to live a life you want
What you will get with Mindfulness coaching
Personalized Instruction
We’ll take a look at the stressors in your life, and create a mindfulness program for YOU.
Guided Meditations
I will guide you through meditations during our calls (so there’s none of the “how do I even DO this” questions!) You’ll learn many different practices for reducing stress!
Support and Accountability

I am your coach and accountability partner! I’ll keep you motivated and on track, and address all your questions and concerns as you deepen your practice.

Calm and Quiet

Our sessions are a special time of self-care and nurture. You’ll learn powerful ways to access calm and stability whenever you need it.

Strength and Resilience

I wish I could make all the bad stuff go away … but I will give you powerful tools so you can bounce back from whatever life throws at you in the future

Real-Life Change
This isn’t just navel-gazing — we’ll make sure you know how to apply these practices to make meaningful changes in your life.